Yahoo opens the Kimono – Take a peek

Congratulations to Yahoo for finally opening the Kimono.  The good news; Yahoo paid search has finally added transparency to their partner network.  The bad news; your probably not going to like what you see.

In the “Traffic Quality Reports” section, you can run an AD Delivery Report which will give statistics by Domain.  Even better, once you run that report and realize how much money you’ve been throwing down the drain on bogus, fraudulent partner sites; you can opt out.  Simply go to the Administrative tab, Account General Information section and “submit” up to 500 domains.

Now the ugly part. I recently ran an Ad Delivery report for the past 60 days for one of our clients. I chose to run it for sponsored and content match. What I found was not pretty at all:

Three of the worst offenders,, and basically offered the same template landing page (screen shot below), with different domain names. Anything over $150 or $200 per conversion is considered poor for this client.  These three sites (obviously from the same scam artist) resulted in $8,129.11 in cost and only one conversion!


Another site,, with questionable content spent $1,267.32  of our client’s money over this period and only produced 1 conversion. Here’s the contact information provided on the site: (You think they might be hiding something?)


Bottom line, we were able to exclude these domains. However, just to rub salt in the wound, Yahoo will not allow advertisers to opt out of Yahoo owned properties. So, we will have to live with the 4 conversions we received for over $3,500 from . I ask; why is a finance site even showing up on that domain? Can’t understand why it performed so poorly.

Thanks Yahoo. Still got some work to do though. OK, I’m done ranting now.

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