Technical Changes Take Top Billing

Aria Systems

San Francisco-based Aria Systems provides an enterprise cloud-based platform to support its clients’ recurring revenue models. They’re experts at handling the back-end tasks associated with attracting and retaining customers through easy-to-use agile billing, reporting, and related online services.

Online billing is a big job, but lots of companies offer similar products and services. In this extremely competitive space, Aria found that quality of service alone couldn’t give them the growth in organic traffic that it sought—but a new SEO strategy could.

The Challenge

Paring down a website to ramp up traffic

Even though Aria offered a best-in-class experience for its clients’ customers, the company wasn’t seeing the kind of web traffic from search engines that they needed in order to stay ahead of the competition. They had a sharp online presence with lots of relevant content. They thought they were doing everything right.

Contrary to conventional wisdom about SEO, the site was in fact too big. Several pages associated with the same keywords were cannibalizing traffic from one page to the next. The most relevant content was often buried in blog postings without links to service pages. What’s more, the platform that the website was built on wasn’t coded with today’s SEO best practices in mind. The company sought Point It’s expertise on overhauling the technical and on-page tactics critical to Aria’s SEO success and driving the right potential customers to the right content on their site to clinch the sale.


Aria Systems
Aria Systems
Aria Systems

Audit Implementation

A measurable lift in organic traffic based on Point It’s technical audit within two months of implementation, with a year-over-year jump of 30%.

Increased Domain Authority

More customer leads and an increased domain authority that drove a rise in keyword relevancy (and even more traffic in turn)

Technical Optimization

A steep reduction in duplicate content and optimization of technical factors from keyword tag usage to an updated website platform

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