Programmatic Bridges the Data Gap

AT&T Case Study

The AT&T Developer Program—a business group within the Dallas-based multinational telecommunications corporation AT&T—offers resources for app developers, including application programming interfaces (APIs) and products that help measure the efficiency of mobile resources. In addition to acting as a liaison between AT&T and app developers for its products, the AT&T Developer Program also hosts an annual conference that provides an interactive platform for developers to tackle their programming and communication challenges in person.

The Challenge

A Smart Programmatic Ad Buying Campaign To Bridge A Data Gap

Despite its impressive library of resources, the AT&T Developer Program was struggling to pinpoint the best way to drive visitors to utilize its offerings. Its digital marketing team knew that website traffic was lagging, yet even when they maximized all of the keyword opportunities to guide seekers to the program, traffic would plateau. Connecting users to their product posed a huge challenge that proved difficult to tackle solely through paid search.

A data-driven company like AT&T relies on user statistics to create a baseline for marketing assumptions. The AT&T Developer Program’s product roadmap required user feedback to help the group strengthen its products. Thus, our client found itself in a frustrating Catch-22: Without traffic, they lacked data, yet without data, they lacked traffic.


AT&T Developer Program
AT&T Developer Program

Programmatic Algorithm

A wildly successful brand awareness campaign that uses a programmatic algorithm to learn about the users who interact with ads and leverages the data appeal to those users

Real-Time Demographics

A real-time, watertight view of the group’s target demographic based on a continual influx of new data

Strategic Testing

A “rinse and repeat” framework to test messaging against new audiences and continually hone its messages across multiple channels to improve market penetration

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