PPC Edges Out Competitors

Door to Door, based in Kent, WA, offers convenient container-based moving and storage solutions. Founded in 1996, the company has refined the concept of delivering moving containers to your home and picking them up for shipment or storage. This portable storage and moving business streamlines all kinds of transitions for customers, from transporting belongings to a new home or storing household items during long trips, to moving a student to college (or home during vacations). Over two decades, Door to Door has expanded beyond its Seattle-area base to service dozens of metropolitan areas across the United States.

The Challenge

A New Targeted PPC Strategy To Edge Out Competitors

The storage and moving business has become hyper-competitive. Other companies have sprung up with their own models for moving and storage. This piled on the pressure for the company’s online marketing strategy, which had to hit consistent home runs.

Door to Door needed a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy that targeted their most likely customers with messages that matched their position within the sales cycle and kept them engaged, from the initial inquiry through the request for a quote. Since the company knew that its competitors were successfully deploying similar strategies, it became even more mission critical for Door to Door to make its search marketing efforts work effectively.


Door to Door
Door to Door
Door to Door

Hyper-Local Strategy

An ultra-relevant, hyper-local advertising strategy that harmonized the visitor’s experience across query, ad, landing page, and sale

Personalized Customer Experience

An enhanced customer experience with the website, including more personalized landing pages based on customers’ specific needs

Competitive Marketplace

Higher website traffic and a much more competitive online presence overall in a hotly contested space

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