International Mobile PPC

Who Is Our Client?

Multinational Technology Company

A multinational technology company with a significant retail footprint engaged Point It leading up to the busy, competitive 2014 holiday season. It had built a long track record of profit by focusing on key numbers, specifically last-click transactional revenue, not simply site visits. Our client sought to repeat its successful sales performance that season, despite increased competition, a new revenue model for some high-margin products, and a rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape.

The Challenge

Making the most of mobile, from first search to last click

To see positive year-over-year revenue growth, our client needed a fully revamped search engine marketing strategy to maximize traffic, conversions and, ultimately, last-click transactional revenue. In the hotly contested holiday season, a simple jump in traffic just wouldn’t cut it; Point It had to help the company close actual sales.

We partnered with our client to foster a seamless mobile experience for purchases. By developing creative uses for digital marketing tools such as remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and share-of-voice (SOV) ad models to attract the right audience, we found effective strategies to guide customers effortlessly from the first search to completion of the sale – all the while minimizing impact on return on investment (ROI).


International Mobile PPC Strategy
International Mobile PPC Strategy
International Mobile PPC Strategy

Maximize Digital Footprint

A dynamic strategy to maximize our client’s digital footprint on all screens

Phenomenal Revenue

A minimal rise in cost per order, offset by phenomenal revenue increases across all devices

Boost in Mobile Revenue

A seamless mobile experience that boosted mobile revenue caused a leap of 6,622% for mobile software sales

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