Expanding Global SEM

Who Is Our Client?

A Major Multinational Corporation

Point It’s client is a major multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, electronics and personal computers. The company has subsidiaries in 83 countries and employs approximately 123,000 employees around the world.

The Challenge

How To Expand Using A Global SEM Strategy With Local Insights

Our client realized that by focusing primarily on U.S. retail sales, it was missing out on a tremendous worldwide marketing opportunity. As part of its new expansion strategy, the company set out to optimize its search engine marketing (SEM) to include 50+ new markets in over 30 languages.

This tech giant had to grapple with its perennial problem of targeting very different subgroups—tech enthusiasts, educators, students, parents, gamers, brand loyalists and developers—but on an even vaster, international scale. What’s more, local markets are notoriously tricky to break into. SEM campaigns need to appeal to local populations in their native language, respecting cultural customs and utilizing advertising platforms specific to that country and region. To put it mildly, searchers are very different around the world.

Awards & Recognition

Our solution for this challenge was noteworthy.  Our client’s project was acknowledged as an industry gold standard by both the US Search Awards and by the Puget Sound American Marketing Association.

2014 US Search Award Winner
2014 Pulse Award Winner


International PPC
International PPC
International PPC

Ambitious Targets

Our client exceeded its ambitious 100% year over year growth targets while staying well within its efficiency targets.

Leveraging Local Insights

We leveraged local insight from in-market stakeholders while centralizing SEM to effectively launch products to markets around the world.

Instant Results

We established innovative systems to produce instant performance data and drive growth through testing and analytics.

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