Upper Funnel Display Success

Our client, the Microsoft Store Canada, operates eight Microsoft Store locations in Canada as well as a dedicated website offering e-commerce for the Canadian provinces. It’s an important part of the Microsoft Store, owned and operated by tech giant Microsoft. Through its chain of retail stores and an online shopping site, the Microsoft Store primarily sells computers, software and other consumer electronics such as the Microsoft Surface tablet.

The Challenge

Meeting Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) While Achieving New Brand Conversions

During the madly competitive 2015 holiday retail season, a huge challenge lay before the Microsoft Store Canada: find new ways to generate efficient performance that complimented and enhanced its current digital marketing investments. How could our client win over the “top of the funnel” prospects who were researching products in categories sold by Microsoft yet who had not previously interacted with the Microsoft brand?

While mulling over possible strategies to guide potential customers quickly to the bottom of the funnel—sales!—our client still needed to operate under strict requirements for return on ad spend (ROAS). In a nutshell, the Microsoft Store Canada wanted a fresh, innovative online marketing strategy that would help it not only to recognize existing Microsoft customers, but also to sway potential customers who were looking at competitors’ products and achieve conversions, quickly, within budget and despite a seemingly saturated market.


Microsoft Store Canada
Microsoft Store Canada
Microsoft Store Canada

Exceeding ROAS Goals

A phenomenal ROAS for all the major promotions in the 2015 holiday season

Cutting Edge Marketing Tactics

A cutting-edge marketing strategy that won over “top of the funnel” audiences

Budget Management

A real-time, flexible budget allocation plan to concentrate ad spend on tactics that drove the best return on investment

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