ROAS Challenge Met with a Social Strategy

Microsoft Store Success

An ecommerce team at the Microsoft Store approached Point it with a tough online marketing challenge: demonstrate that social media avenues could be profitable enough to warrant a long-term strategic investment.

The Microsoft Store, a chain of retail stores and an online shopping site owned and run by technology leader Microsoft, primarily sells computers, software, and other consumer electronics such as the Microsoft Surface tablet. Its marketers operate under stringent return on ad spend (ROAS) requirements. Our client was searching for innovative strategies to reach potential buyers online, in particular the individuals most likely to purchase high-end products such as Surface, Office and games. Since paid search was proving incredibly competitive, could Point It use its social media expertise to find that audience and drive conversion?

The Challenge

A Campaign That “Flips The Funnel” On Social Media Advertising

Social media ads have traditionally been used to nurture interest in a brand—the classic “top of the funnel” marketing concept that builds general interest in a brand long before a customer makes a purchasing decision. Yet, would it be possible to drive revenue and create attractive ROAS numbers by using social ads to attract users who would move immediately into a purchase from an offer displayed on their social media feed?

Point It had the opportunity to prove that a social media ad strategy could achieve much more than build general interest at the top of the funnel. By targeting the right audience, specific ads might be able to push customers straight to the bottom of the funnel and deliver a sale immediately after the ad is viewed. Was it possible to flip the funnel on social media advertising?


Microsoft Store Social ROAS
Microsoft Store Social ROAS

ROAS Testing

Outstanding ROAS for the client’s Facebook campaign test case

Strategic Use Of Audience

Identify the ideal users most likely to close sales via social media

Leveraging Latest Technology

Use of dynamic product ads, message sequencing and video

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