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Rhapsody provides streaming music services that give subscribers around the world ad-free access to over 32 million songs via mobile devices, computers, consoles and home audio systems. The company serves over 3.5 million members in 34 countries.

As streaming music became a multibillion-dollar industry, competition for customers reached a crescendo. Although Rhapsody had once focused on efficiency—driving down the cost per trial for new customers—the company realized that it had to expand its online reach further, to entice the next generation of music lovers and differentiate themselves from the Pandoras and I Heart Radios of the world. Otherwise, it risked becoming obsolete as the expectations of millennials drove the development of many new competitors—and business models—in their space.

The Challenge

Honing An Online Ad Strategy To Rise Above The Din Of Competition

Rhapsody faced two great challenges in a suddenly crowded marketplace. First, the company had to find a compelling way to tell its story, in order to reach prospective customers and distinguish itself from competitors. Second, it wanted to optimize its online strategy to boost the rate of trial subscriptions, which should naturally lead to an increase in conversions.

With an outstanding catalog of over thirty million songs, Rhapsody knew its product could attract customers, but it needed the right online advertising strategy to stand out from the competition and help it stay cool in the coolest of industries. In short, Rhapsody needed to reach the audience that appreciated the value of its product and really got what made the company special—special enough for customers to want to stick around after that 14-day free trial.



Boost In Trial Subscriptions

A pitch-perfect online marketing strategy that delivered a big boost in trial subscriptions

Identifying Opportunities

An extensive reassessment and overhaul of advertising strategy to identify where opportunities were coming from

Landing Page Optimization

Optimization of website landing pages based on specific search terms, to convert prospects into paying customers effectively

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