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Washington Energy Services

Washington Energy Services, based in Lynnwood, WA, solves their customers’ heating problems. They provide free energy audits and sell a range of solutions to homeowners, including windows, doors, air conditioners and heating units. But when it came to solving their own problems with search engine optimization, they knew they needed outside assistance.

Their website got traffic and generated referrals, but the numbers were wildly inconsistent: huge referrals one month, then completely flat numbers the next. The industry standard of increasing referrals anywhere from 5% to 15% year over year? A pipe dream. Their leadership needed to understand how their website was interacting with search engines. How were referrals being generated (when they happened, that is)? And how could they improve their efforts to make their referral business hum as well as their customers’ heating systems?

The Challenge

Making A First-Generation Website Work In Today’s Web Environment

Washington Energy Services’ challenge was twofold. First, they wanted to understand why they weren’t seeing consistent referrals from their search engine traffic, month by month and year by year. They needed to understand how the minutiae of websites—tag structure, tag values, headers, and the entire ecosystem of metadata that feeds search engines—was interacting with their site. Then, they needed to create a solid content marketing strategy that would help them stay relevant in the eyes of the major search engines. They wanted their company name at the top of potential customers’ searches, especially in their geographic region.

These are straightforward concepts, but implementing them is a big job. Washington Energy Services needed real expertise in SEO, an area that has gotten exponentially more sophisticated since the dawn of the Internet era. They needed web detectives who could identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current site, design a solution that attracted search engines and referrals consistently over time, and implement and measure that solution so that they knew they were spending their dollars the right way.



January: 9,0000

February: 8,5000

March: 10,5000

April: 9,8000

May: 9,9000

June: 9,0000

Actual numbers are estimated



January: 10,5000

February: 12,5000

March: 21,0000

April: 22,5000

Actual numbers are estimated

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