CBT Nuggets Launches a New Ad Buying Strategy

Our Client


CBT Nuggets, headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, offers world-class online training for IT professionals. With an extensive library of videos covering hundreds of IT topics, it works with some of the biggest names in the tech industry.

The Challenge

Which online ad buys were actually translating into sales?

Our client knew it had to distinguish itself from its many competitors very early in the sales funnel. The company realized it was time for a deeper analysis of its current efforts—and a more sophisticated approach to online ad buys.

CBT Nuggets wanted to maximize its online reach by figuring out how its ad buys were converting to sales. However, the company was using multiple partners who all generated their own data sets to measure performance. How could it assess the relative success of ads from all these sources? Was the effectiveness of some ads getting reported more than once? Were ads showing up on the right sites?

Our client approached Point It for a full audit of all its Internet marketing efforts and a brand-new, comprehensive online ad buying strategy. We helped them put all their assets and data under one virtual “roof” and ensured their ads would reach their target audiences.


Ad Buying and Data Reporting

A consolidated system for ad buying and data reporting to gauge the efficacy of specific ads on specific platforms.

Solid Foundation

New benchmarks as solid foundation for a full-fledged marketing strategy based on conversion rates.

Conversion Volume and Effective Ad Placement

Immediate leaps in conversion volume and vast improvements in effective ad placement and brand image.

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