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Funnel.IO – Product Review

Funnel.IO – Product Review

Rating: 4.5/5

Funnel.IO is a great tool for the savvy Internet marketer – the value you receive for a comparatively low price (starting @$150/monthly) is largely unparalleled for automation providers. Funnel provides clear, internal or client facing reporting (and dashboards) that are easy to build and share. Cross-channel collaboration is facilitated by a straight forward API that connects you to everything digital across SEM, Display, and Social. Funnel provides a simple solution to efficient reporting and data analysis for clients – below is a brief breakdown of some very useful features.

Holiday Strategy Gifts

Ecommerce vs. brick and mortar holiday online marketing strategies

The Point It offices are starting to heat up (cool down?) with our retailer holiday strategy preparations.  My team of in-house marketers have been trying to keep up with all of the smart strategies being flung over the ping pong table.  So far, we’ve put together an article on 2016 Holiday Best Practices, launched a digital marketing strategy wizard that spit out customized strategies for various retail verticals and written about SEO for the holiday season.  And today, I had the pleasure of being the hostess for a virtual workshop with Katy Tonkin, our VP of Digital Strategy and Sean Van Guilder, our Director of SEO.  It was one of those action packed sessions that barely left time for questions!  I love sitting on the sideline watching two of our experts collaborate.