Digital Marketing Strategy

Adaptable Marketing in a Multichannel Environment

An Adaptive Approach to Multi-Channel Digital Strategies and Tactics

The emergence of customer-centric and multi-channel approaches to connect with consumers presents a unique opportunity for marketers to “react opportunistically to emerging possibilities”, meaning digital strategy and tactical execution are no longer mutually exclusive. Long planning cycles, fraught with battles over budgets and competing priorities across departments within an organization can whittle down the window of opportunity to meet company goals.

Rod Brooks Tweetchat

#MarketingNW Tweetchat with Rod Brooks

Being customer-centric is essential for many marketers. We recently hosted our monthly #MarketingNW tweetchat on this very topic. Our guest expert, Northwest legend Rod Brooks, CMO of PEMCO Insurance shared his ideas with the participants. This post sums up our chat in case you missed it. We have even included a handy dandy Storify so you can read all the content if you wish.

SEMRush Webinar Recap: Natural Language

Are you on the natural language train?  It’s clear that natural language is driving changes for advertisers.  And as luck has it (or not so much luck as it is me pestering poor Patrick over at SEMRush) we had the pleasure of talking about natural language from three distinct points of views last week at the SEMRush webinar. Our team has put together an overview of what we covered so that you don’t miss a thing.  As soon as we have a link to the recording, we’ll include that too!

Getting Out of The Marketing Comfort Zone

In 2016, we helped two of our clients step out of the “marketing comfort zone” with awesome results. The year began with a move to a “digital first” mindset by our client PEMCO, a North-West insurance company. Their radio ads are iconic, and for years they had relied on traditional offline marketing. The PEMCO marketing team realized that their target audiences were changing, and to succeed, they were going to have to meet them where they hung out – in the digital world.

Devhub: Integrate with Key Business Systems

Partner Perspectives: Evaluating Digital Experiences at Scale

If you’re invested in digital marketing, then you’re invested in multi-channel marketing and consistency of brand presence.  Digital marketing channels like paid search, SEO, programmatic and social media advertising cannot succeed in a vacuum.  Individually, these tactics can drive traffic to your site, but without a seamless digital experience and strategy reinforcing a core value message, you’re flushing money down the toilet.  It doesn’t matter if your business is a travel booking engine, car dealership, insurance company with affiliate agencies or a multi-store brand.