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Defending Your Digital Marketing Budget

Defending Your Budget: Programmatic Advertising = Dollars in Your Pocket

It’s budget time again. If you’re in the middle of building a 2017 marketing strategy that’s bigger and “badder” than ever, you’re going to need some ammunition to build your pitch for driving your marketing team to success. This is the second in a series of four blog articles (Efficiencies Through Holistic Marketing Strategies, Programmatic Advertising is Dollars in Your Pocket, SEO is a Digital Marketing Building Block, and Bigger Budgets Means more Conversions) to help you pitch, defend or grow your digital marketing budget.  


Attribution – The Shackles of Digital Marketing

Attribution. Friend or Foe?

Attribution is one of the biggest question marks in Digital Marketing. Who gets the credit for a purchase? How are they claiming the credit? Are these purchases being double counted? Triple counted? Trying to answer these questions can pull you into a rabbit hole of confusion and frustration. These conversations normally end in arguments about first touch or last touch and view through or click through. I think we need to rethink how we measure and utilize attribution, especially across marketing channels.