Micro Lessons

Ready to learn something new?

Don’t have a lot of time & want to learn about the latest and greatest in the world of digital marketing? Check our our Micro-Lessons on topics from the use of dynamic ads in your PPC campaigns to the up-and-comings of Programmatic Display. Enjoy!

Digital Strategy


Attribution is Scary: 5 Steps to Tame the Terror

Tracing the origin of your best leads is key to digital marketing success. These lessons cover goal definition, frameworks, and so much more.

5 video modules – 10 minutes or less


Holiday Strategies for Digital Marketing

The who/when/what/how of digital marketing strategy for retailers during the holiday season.

4 video modules – 10 minutes or less


SEO + PPC = Chocolate + Peanut Butter

When it comes to SEO and PPC, it’s not really an “or” proposition. Combine them for unbridled results.

4 video modules – 7 minutes or less

Guide to Maximizing Digital Marketing Budgets

Providing you with multi channel tips, tricks, and trends to use for crafting a budget story.

6 video modules – 8 minutes or less

Paid Search


Fun & Profit with Dynamic Ads

A serious look at dynamic ads and how you can use them to your advantage.

8 video modules – 8 minutes or less


Google Sidebar Changes – What’s the Impact?

What’s changed, how will it affect you PPC accounts? Join Maddie Cary to find out.

3 video modules – 9 minutes or less


Intro to AdWords Scripts

Don’t get overwhelmed by the JavaScript and JSON.  Let us show you how to get started, from a beginner’s perspective.

7 video modules – 11 minutes or less


Mobile Madness & Micro Conversions

An overview about mobile and micro conversions featuring guest experts from Remodista and Google.

7 Video Modules – 11 minutes or less


What Would Beyoncé Do?

Maddie Cary talks through PPC best practices to help make your account a superstar!

5 video modules – 6 minutes or less

Post-Holiday PPC Data Strategies

Natalie Barreda shares paid search insights for post-holiday ppc data analysis.

6 video modules – 8 minutes or less



SEO + PPC = Chocolate + Peanut Butter

Amplify the success of both PPC & SEO campaigns by strategically combining them.

4 video modules – 7 minutes or less


Strategic Link Building – Is this love that I’m feeling?

Lose the old school SEO tactics and get strategic. Sean Van Guilder offers you building blocks to get started.

4 video modules – 12 minutes or less

SEO and Content MarketingSEO + Content Marketing: Two Sides of the Same Coin

No more legacy assumptions about SEO and Content Marketing being at odds. These functions work better together.

6 video modules – 9 minutes or less

Programmatic Advertising


BIG ROAS: Direct Response + Brand Awareness

Explore winning programmatic ad buying strategies for quick return on ad spend (ROAS) requirements.

4 video modules – 6 minutes or less


Myths & Realities of Programmatic Display

An overarching explanation of the programmatic channel by people doing the work.

6 video modules – 8 minutes or less

Transparency, Programmatic, & YouTransparency, Programmatic, and You

Listen and learn how to get transparency in your programmatic advertising.

5 video modules – 7 minutes or less

Programmatic Office Hours

Programmatic Office Hours

Delve into the world of programmatic with our experts.

8 video modules – 8 minutes or less

Social Media Advertising


Get in the Game: Social Media Advertising Platforms

Ian Mackie introduces the three top video ad platforms.

4 video modules – 11 minutes or less


Instagram Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Explore Instagram advertising with Ian Mackie, Director of Social Media Advertising.

3 video modules – 11 minutes or less