Google Sidebar Changes – What’s the Impact?

Google Sidebar Changes – What’s The Impact?

The dust has settled after the “great sidebar removal” of 2016.  Now what?  How has removing the sidebar ads from SERPs changed paid search strategy?  What’s the real impact of showing up to 4 ads in top position? Don’t let the unknown get you down. Our very own industry expert will walk you through the details to make sure you can stay up to date!


What Was The Google Sidebar Update?

Google removed the ability to place ads on the right hand side of SERPs. Learn what happened and why.

FORMAT: Video    TIME: 3:54


What Was The Impact Of The Change?

Learn about the impacts to paid search campaigns after Google removed the right-rail on their SERPs.

FORMAT: Video    TIME: 8:14


How Will Google Use The Space?

Although Google hasn’t released their plans for the future of the right-rail. We’ve made some predictions.

FORMAT: Video    TIME: 3:34

Google Sidebar Update – What’s The Impact?



More Questions About Google’s Updates?

Want to learn more about the impacts of Google’s update to their sidebar? Just have more questions? Contact us and one of our experts will be in contact shortly!