Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are here (if you’re lucky enough to be whitelisted)! We were just given the lowdown about the latest and greatest in Instagram Ads straight from Facebook. We’ve put together 3 quick lessons how you can get started with Instagram Ads and the ad platform. Our micro lessons range from 3 to 10 minutes and can be consumed at a bus stop, during a train ride or in the doctor’s waiting room. Enjoy single-serving lessons on the following topics:


Why Instagram Ads Matter

The hard facts behind Instagram’s appeal for advertisers.

FORMAT: Video    TIME: 3:17


Getting Started With Instagram Ads

The tips, tricks and skinny on what this new social advertising platform has to offer.

FORMAT: Video    TIME: 10:26


Instagram Ads Best Practices

Grab all of the best practices and go-to tips for creating the most interesting and effective Instagram Ads.

FORMAT: Video   TIME: 3:50

Instagram Webinar Recording



Social Advertising Getting You Down?

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