What Would Beyoncé Do?

Fierce PPC Tactics Micro-Lessons

What do PPC and Beyoncé have in common? They bring people together! Check out these micro-lessons full of tips and tricks to help  make your PPC account a superstar!


Best New PPC Features From 2015

Maddie Cary takes you through the best new Google AdWords features from last year.

FORMAT: Video    TIME: 4:37


Branded PPC Tips

Dig in these branded PPC tips to whip your account into shape, Beyoncé -style!

FORMAT: Video    TIME: 5:29


Bidding Strategies You Should Test

Looking for ways to test your bidding strategies? Beyoncé ‘s got your back.

FORMAT: Video    TIME: 5:39


Is Your Team Flawless?

No sure if your account is performing at it’s peak? Maddie Cary explains what your team should be doing.

FORMAT: Video   TIME: 4:48


Bounce Back From Performance Drops

Struggling to get your paid search account back on track? Let Maddie Cary and Beyoncé show you the way!

FORMAT: Video   TIME: 3:16

What Would Beyoncé Do? Fierce PPC Tactics To Make Your Account A Superstar Webinar



More Questions About Paid Search?

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