ebook – Beyond Digital Marketing Attribution

Interactive Workbook

There’s nothing more stressful to your average marketer than digital marketing attribution.  It can be an incredible tool to help you justify your budget and better understand customer behavior.  Despite the incomparable value that a well executed attribution model can bring, it continues to be the holy grail for most marketers.  Gaps in technology, data, and cohesive marketing strategies still act as barriers.

While the perfect model is still impossible to perfect, our team of digital marketing experts put together a helpful (and playful) way to tackle the first steps to creating a meaningful attribution strategy.

In this workbook, you’ll:

    • Identify marketing channels with our CHANNEL WORD SEARCH
    • MAP OUT which channels are most important to your attribution model
    • Navigate the KPI MAZE that define your organizational goals
    • COLOR IN your technological landscape
    • Identify your customer’s journey in our TOUCHPOINT CHALLENGE
    • Bring it all together by CHOOSING AN ATTRIBUTION MODEL

Featured Experts: 

Evan Barocas, Director of Display

Sherveen Shingu, Senior Manager, Display Strategy

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