Is SEO Brand Strategy the missing piece of your marketing approach?

Is SEO Brand Strategy Your Missing Piece?

The importance of the customer-facing work that goes into brand management is clear. Your organization has likely cultivated its look, voice, and mission over time — and carefully guards those elements to maintain credibility with its customers. But sometimes all of that effort still doesn’t translate to conversions: maybe traffic isn’t coming to your website, or maybe the traffic you’re getting is brief and unproductive. Have you given any thought to how SEO brand strategy plays a part in your success?

Video Recap: Techstars Startup Week Seattle – SEO Panel

Last month, I had the pleasure of joining Sean Van Guilder, our Director of SEO and Analytics along with Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz and David Lindahl, President of the Seattle Search Network and Digital Marketing Product Manager from CDK at Techstars Startup Week Seattle as a moderator for the panel “Beware the Backlinks: Modern SEO Strategies for Startups”.  Since it wasn’t filmed, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to catch up with Sean to break down some highlights.  Below is a transcription of our interview.  Enjoy!


#MarketingNW Tweetchat with Sean Van Guilder

Our #MarketingNW tweetchat features local digital marketing experts interacting with the global marketing community.  This April we focused on the intersection between SEO and content marketing for voice search. This blog post sums up the importance of voice search for content marketers, things to remember when writing content, and how to optimize for home assistant. We have included a Storify so you can check out the complete tweetchat for yourself!

SEO 101 Steps

SEO 101: On-Page Elements

SEO can seem overwhelming, what with all the articles, experts, feeds, etc. constantly flooding the SERPs. But don’t fret. In a broad sense, there are three major areas of consideration when first starting your SEO project list: 1. What Google does 2. What your competition does 3. What you do. As you can see, you only have control over 1/3 of the organic search ecosystem. Taking that into account, there are some simple steps you can take to impact your site, that have and always will be tried and true.

Defending Your Digital Marketing Budget

Defending Your Budget: SEO is a Digital Marketing Building Block

It’s budget time again. If you’re in the middle of building a 2017 marketing strategy that’s bigger and “badder” than ever, you’re going to need some ammunition to build your pitch for driving your marketing team to success. This is the third in a series of four blog articles (Efficiencies Through Holistic Marketing Strategies, Programmatic Advertising is Dollars in Your Pocket, SEO is a Digital Marketing Building Block, and Bigger Budgets Means more Conversions) to help you pitch, defend or grow your digital marketing budget.  

SEO and Content Marketing

Where SEO and Content Marketing Collide

Early in my career I had the hubris of youth thinking that I “knew it all”.  So you can imagine my reaction when the SEO guy came up to me and told me I had to add keywords into my content, I truly thought he was just trying to make more work for me.  I would think to myself: Didn’t he know how much I needed to do?  Is this going to really matter? Won’t randomly dropping SEO keywords into my content seem forced and weird?