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Is your paid search delivering the results you’re expecting?

Whether you call it PPC, SEM, or paid search, you’ve decided that it will help you achieve your goals. You’ve researched it, built it, and run it. Your brand has gotten some online buzz as a result—but are you getting the most for your money? And more importantly, how do you know? Does your marketing agency—or your inhouse team—provide full transparency, clear communication, and hands-on attention to your company’s goals?

After all, it’s one thing to check the PPC box in your digital marketing portfolio, but it’s another story to know that you’re maximizing your return.

Pay-Per-Click Strategies That Deliver

At Point It, our digital marketing experts have over 90 years of combined experience, and our award-winning paid search services have been in high gear since 2002. Our team will help you develop comprehensive pay-per-click advertising strategies that target customers that convert. We get to know you—and your competitors—so that we can develop campaigns that make the most of your advertising dollars. We dive in head-first to learn the details of your company’s mission so that we can optimize your online ad strategy. We take the digital marketing headaches out of your hands so that you can focus on what you’re best at: running your department. And, we back it all up with regular reports and regular check-in meetings so you can see and understand the hard data behind your advertising efforts.

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PPC Account Audit

Is your ppc account on point?  Leverage our award-winning, dedicated paid search team to help you dig into the details, and identify opportunities. From campaign structure to paid search strategy, we’ve got you covered.

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What You Can Expect

Your paid search performance is in the best hands.  Our experts are constantly digging deeper into industry information and experimenting with strategies and tactics that pay off.  We go beyond just data points and provide insights and strategy that will help your team meet their goals. With this type of synchronicity, partnership and success are part of the package.

Program Architecture

We develop a customized package of campaigns, ad group, keywords and draft copy, so that you can precisely target your audience.

Ad Copy & Landing Pages

We develop ad copy and integrations with landing pages that synchronize with keyword and program architecture.

Bid & Budget Management

We will identify optimum keyword bid and budget allocations, including continuous bid adjustments to achieve the desired “cost per action” of on-site activities.

Reporting & Planning

Reports are supplied on a schedule that we set up with you (typically weekly or monthly) that includes full visibility to the metrics that are important to you.

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Door to Door

Lead Generation + Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Door to Door needed a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy that targeted their most likely customers with messages that matched their position within the sales cycle and kept them engaged, from the initial inquiry through the request for a quote.

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Kenshoo Certified

The Kenshoo Infinity Suite™ empowers agencies to grow their clients’ business and maximize customer lifetime value across digital channels. Kenshoo’s software provides solutions to enhance core agency functions including campaign management and optimization, personas and audiences, budgeting and attribution, and measurement and reporting.

The Kenshoo certification program enables marketing professionals working with Kenshoo to earn certified Kenshoo Pro credentials. With more than 7 percent of its staff successfully completing the certification program, Point It has earned the distinction of being a certified Kenshoo Search Pro Agency.

Kenshoo Pro Search Agency

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Our people are accredited in all major search engines, have years of experience and can bore you to death with their knowledge of search terminology. If you want us to wow you with what we know about online search tools, we can pontificate with the best of them. But we also use our right brains. We develop creative campaigns that speak to your customers’ needs, that address their unique situations and that deliver what they’re actually searching for. We design advertisements that deliver and landing pages targeted to our clients’ needs. Our campaigns don’t just look good; they’re designed to perform.

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