Programmatic Advertising

Fed up with complicated and non-transparent programmatic advertising?

We make it our business to be one of the good guys in the programmatic advertising business, and strive to make the complicated nature of programmatic seem simple with our expert guidance. Our team leverages self-service capabilities across all programmatic platforms to continuously optimize your campaign against your business objectives and marketing goals. We approach all campaigns with an omni-channel mindset, using the video, audio, and display inventory at our fingertips to maximize reach and impact for our clients.

Why should your company care about programmatic?

  • It’s automated.
  • It’s incredibly efficient.
  • It’s deeply measured.
  • It’s highly targeted.
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Programmatic Advertising vs. Display Advertising

Are they the same thing? No way! Programmatic Advertising is so much more than just online banner ads. It encompasses audio, video, and out-of-home media buying — and is much more efficient and cost-effective than traditional display advertising.

The Point It Difference

Point It personally manages each campaign change.

Most agencies use their programmatic platforms as a managed-service when building and running client campaigns. However, by doing that - you lose transparency and control over your campaigns. Point It only uses vendors the self-service mode, which means we are both hands-on keyboard and communicating directly with you and your team.

We provide deep expertise.

You’re paying for it, you should get it. Our extensive experience with programmatic advertising gives us unparalleled insight into the performance and measurement of your campaigns, as well as any adjustments that need to be made.

We’re completely transparent about our processes.

When you hand over your budget to an agency, you should never doubt for a moment that they’re acting in your best interest. Our team acts with the highest integrity to get you the performance you need.

Programmatic Formats


Banner Ads






Connected TV

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What’s hot in Programmatic Advertising?

Connected TV

Thanks to personal entertainment devices like phones and tablets, advertisers are able to target specific users through data collected via the viewer’s IP address.  Not only does this allow for tighter targeting, but it allows you to test and measure the effectiveness of your video’s messaging, audience and timing.  CTV is the next profitable top-of-funnel tactic and we want to help you take advantage of it!

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CBT Nuggets

Ad Buying + Data Reporting

Our client, CBT Nuggets wanted to maximize its online reach by figuring out how its ad buys were converting to sales. However, the company was using multiple partners who all generated their own data sets to measure performance. How could it assess the relative success of ads from all these sources? Was the effectiveness of some ads getting reported more than once? Were ads showing up on the right sites? CBT Nuggets approached Point It for a full audit of all its Internet marketing efforts and a brand-new, comprehensive online ad buying strategy by centralizing all performance data in a measurement platform.

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