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Tired of empty SEO promises? Us too.

If you’ve worked with an agency in the past, you might have felt like effective search engine optimization was shrouded in mystery: intangible, immeasurable, and impossible to nail down. Maybe you received generic reports and vague answers to tough questions. Maybe you didn’t know how to measure success. And if you went it alone, keeping ahead of changing search engine algorithms likely made you feel like Indiana Jones running from a rolling boulder.

An effective website is one that drives visits, converts customers, and shows consistent growth. As a marketer, you know that success is a moving target.

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Full Service Search Engine Optimization

At Point It, we offer a team of professionals dedicated to helping you stay ahead of the boulder. Our SEO experts are here to take the stress out of navigating the hundreds of ranking factors that engines use, and their savvy can help you stay current on ever-changing algorithm updates. We act as an extension of your marketing and development teams and deliver measurable, actionable changes that drive smart decisions.

Here are a few ways we can help with your SEO:

  • Monthly SEO (see below)
  • SEO Audits
  • Link Building
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Consulting / Education

What You Can Expect

Competitor Analysis

We compare a number of ranking factors with those of your competitors to understand what they are doing well or not doing well and capitalize on those.

Keyword Research & Analysis

We identify the best core keyword phrase for your content. We optimize & track keyword performance provide recommendations.

Page Optimization

Based on the keyword research & analysis results then go into each page of the website to ensure the Titles, META Description, image file names, URLs, etc. are appropriately optimized.

Sitemap/RSS Feed & Robots.txt

We constantly monitor indexation and Webmaster Tools reports to ensure the proper pages are being indexed and no crawl errors are found.

Search Engine Submissions

Google & Bing provide webmaster tools for registering & monitoring your website. Once we have the Sitemap & RSS feeds created, we create an account (if one doesn’t already exist) & submit your website for verification.

Link Building & Social Media Management

In partnership with your marketing team, to ensure high quality content is posted to your website and/or blog with a consistent publishing cadence.

SERP Report/Analytics

If your site is not already tagged for tracking, we can help get your website coded for Google Analytics as well as custom dashboards to easily understand visitor behavior.


PEMCO Insurance

Search Engine Optimization + Paid Search

PEMCO is an established insurance company rooted in a small geographical region that wanted to reach new audiences, create new leads, and drive growth for an established brand. Along with reaching digital native consumers, PEMCO wanted to create a holistic marketing strategy that spanned across the major digital channels.  They wanted to do this with a partner that would manage it all under one roof and shared their deep sense of community and transparency.

How did PEMCO Insurance boost their leads by 2.5 x in just one year?

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Adventures with PEMCO

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