Social Media

Best Practices for Facebook Video Ads

If you have a personal Facebook account, you’ve probably noticed the increasing prevalence of video ads. Companies are finding that using the right video content is an effective and eye-catching way to connect with users. I’ve compiled some of my best practices for companies looking to run video ads on Facebook.

Top Tips to Start the New Year off Right!

Happy belated New Year my fellow online marketers! I hope you are all still managing to hit the gym five days a week and saving all of your extra pennies. Speaking of extra pennies, this is the time of the year when many clients have them. With the New Year as many of us know, clients have new budgets, so what do you test and where do you invest? This question will be situational of course, and depend on what KPI’s are important to your client and their end all goal. With that said, some of the tips below may not apply to everyone, but hopefully they make a few of you think outside the box and diversify your online marketing investments and strategy in 2016.