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In partnership with MarketingNW, the Pacific Northwest’s premiere marketing publication Point It is proud to host a monthly Tweetchat highlighting stellar marketers and thought leaders in an easily accessible format. Tweetchats are make these top-notch experts accessible as they answer six pre-prepared questions, and engage with participants from around the country. Hosted the last Friday of each month at 12 PM Pacific, each 60-minute tweetchat not only gives you the opportunity to dive into a timely marketing topic, but to meet experts in your field all from the comfort of your desk.

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Marketing Automation for Small Teams

Friday 5/26 we’ll join Nathan Young, founder of tencount.co in Seattle for Friday’s #MarketingNW tweetchat to talk about how small teams can utilize marketing automation to help streamline team efficiency.  Nathan brings his sharp hairline, digital marketing expertise, and long-time advertising background to bring you the perspective you’ll need to conquer marketing automation in your small team.


When: May 26th, 2017 from 12-1 PM (PT)

Where: on Twitter, using the hashtag #MarketingNW

Featured NW Expert: Nathan Young, Founder, Tencount.co

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Nathan Young, Founder of Tencount.co


Nathan Young is a digital marketing expert with a strong advertising background and a sharp hairline. As the founder and Principal at Tencount, a boutique digital strategy agency, Nathan leads a multi-disciplinary team to develop strategies, build out campaigns and drive lead generation for mid-market & enterprise B2B tech companies. Over the past 8 years, Nathan has had the opportunity to help top brands handle tough digital marketing challenges including Microsoft, Concur, AXS, and Booking.com. Nathan is a staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion, and works with the American Advertising Federation to promote diversity in the advertising and marketing industries.

When not talking about himself in the third-person, you can find Nathan in the back of a comic book shop playing Magic the Gathering with other unkempt nerds who haven’t outgrown their childhood. In addition, Nathan is a writer and perpetual political wonk who will talk your ear off if you let him. And check this: if you want to learn a neat party trick, talk to him about how he mastered the fine art of tying a bowtie in under 15 seconds with his eyes closed.

Nathan prides himself in being a stand-up guy, both figuratively and literally; so if you see him pacing around the office or a conference room, don’t be too weirded out. And, just to lean in on the figurative angle, he offers this: Find a truck, and he’ll help you move that vintage couch you found on CraigsList.

Though his lawyer has frequently cautioned him against it, he has listed his beloved Shar Pei Chauncey as the sole beneficiary on his life insurance policy. Assuming that doesn’t pan out, he will be survived by YouTube clips of him absolutely destroying Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive” at karaoke.


  1. How can small and medium businesses benefit from marketing automation?
  2. Where does automation fit into the larger marketing strategy?
  3. What type of staffers do you need to manage a marketing automation system?
  4. What are the limitations of marketing automation?
  5. What marketing automation vendors are a good fit for a smaller marketing team?
  6. What are some tips for using marketing automation for lead scoring?
  7. What are the benefits of using marketing automation to manage landing pages?

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Previous Tweetchats

Sean Van Guilder, Director of SEO

SEO for Content Marketers

Tweetchat Date: April 28, 2017

Sean Van Guilder, Director of SEO at Point It Digital Marketing hosted April’s Tweetchat about the intersection between SEO and content marketing.  He offered his 20 years of experience to content marketers to help them better understand how they could better integrate SEO into their content strategy.

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Guests & Experts


Sean Van Guilder, Director of SEO at Point It Digital Marketing


Sean Van Guilder has been helping businesses get found on the internet for over 20 years. He has a 10,000 foot view of digital marketing that helps shed light on SEO as a business driver.  Sean has worn almost every digital marketing hat out there and brings strategies and tactics that have knocked the socks off of companies such as Microsoft, MSN and WONGDOODY, to name a few.  Currently, Sean is leading the SEO Practice for premier digital marketing agency, Point It, in Seattle.  Sean is a self-taught digital marketer and loves every minute of it.  When he’s not in front of a computer, he’s teasing his co-workers, playing sports, hanging with his kids, making music and collecting HO scale trains.


  1. Why is SEO important for content marketers?
  2. What types of content are most impactful for SEO?
  3. What challenges do marketers face when trying to make their content SEO friendly
  4. What do you measure and what SEO tools do you use?
  5. How do we optimize for SEO beyond the website?
  6. What are some examples of great content-driven brand websites that also well-designed from an SEO perspective?

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Micro-lesson: SEO & Content Marketing

Rod Brooks, CMO PEMCO courtesy of Mike Nakamura

Customer-Centric Marketing

Tweetchat Date: March 31, 2017

When customers are at the heart of your marketing, messages are more relevant, better received and offer produce higher conversions.  Friday 3/31 we’ll join Rod Brooks, CMO of PEMCO Insurance for a tweetchat on the topic of customer-centric marketing. Rod is a northwester legend and brand leader who was named as a MarketingNW Immortal, and Marketing Legend in 2014.  In this 1-hour tweetchat, he’ll share his lifelong passion for the customer as well as his experience as a change agent in a traditionally static industry.

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Rod Brooks V.P. and Chief Marketing Officer, PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company

Bio: Rod tells people he’s a marketer to the core. Ask him about his “taproot” or his “passion” and he’ll share story after story about what he does why he does it. Rod likes to think that he “gets it,” but he also emphasizes that continuous learning and exploration is one of the keys to whatever success he has had.

While attending Washington State University in the seventies, Rod was told by his advisor that he had a great face for radio. That meeting caused Rod to shift his emphasis from broadcast journalism to communication and advertising. After graduating with a degree in Communications, Rod started at the bottom by selling newspaper ads for a small weekly newspaper near his hometown. He says it was both humbling and incredibly beneficial.

During his 40-year career, Rod has been the marketing force behind successful start-ups, emerging growth companies, and well established Northwest businesses such as Schuck’s Auto Supply, Egghead Software, and Coinstar. In 1999, Rod took the marketing helm at PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company.  With the role came the opportunity to help transform an analytical operations-based organization with a predominantly commoditized and conservative product into a dynamic customer-centric, market-driven and results-oriented mutual organization. Now, 18 years later, Rod calls the insurance business one of the biggest marketing challenges he’s faced, and he views PEMCO’s current campaign as one of his most rewarding.  He’s a lot like you. A little different!

In recent years Rod has received several prestigious awards including the PSAMA Marketing Legend Award, the Marketing Immortal Award, and the WSU Cougar Spirit of Education Award. Last month Rod received word that he was 2016’s most influential online marketer as measured by The Science of Digital Marketing.


  1. Why is customer-centric marketing important?
  2. What do companies get out of customer-centric marketing?
  3. How does one get to know the customer online?
  4. Why should you go beyond a customer’s online presence?
  5. How can customer-centric marketing lead to revenue generation?
  6. How do you encourage customer-centric marketing if your organization has different priorities?
  7. What are some examples of great customer-centric marketing you’ve seen?

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Rod Brooks: PEMCO Insurance

Ted Leonhardt

Nurturing Creativity in a Corporate Environment

Tweetchat Date: February 24, 2017

In our inaugural #MarketingNW Tweetchat, we considered the best ways to Nurture Creativity in a Corporate Environment with Ted Leonhardt, prior Chief Creative Office, current Fast Company columnist and career coach for creative professionals.

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Ted Leonhardt, prior Chief Creative Officer, Fast Company columnist & Career coach for creative professionals

With over 40 years of passionate engagement at all levels of the creative industry, Ted Leonhardt is known as a powerhouse of knowledge. He is a seasoned design professional with a pioneering spirit that led him to grow a distinguished branding agency from seed to sales, achieving over $10 million in annual revenue by leading global corporate clients —  including Nissan, Coke, and Microsoft —  in strategic brand re-positioning.

After negotiating a favorable sale of his business, Ted went on to become Chief Creative Officer for FITCH London, the world’s leading retail and brand consultancy, and in 2003 he was appointed President of Anthem Worldwide. But, his entrepreneurialism eventually led him to found his latest endeavor — a creative management consultancy.

Ted’s heart-felt mission is simple: Guide creatives in carving out their own vision of success. He empowers them to effectively negotiate their fair market value while staying in control of their professional happiness. He offers coaching, event presentations, and seminars that teach effective negotiating skills for creatives to achieve their business potential by acquiring new clients, earning more money, and cultivating a fulfilling work culture.

Ted’s background enables him to deliver unique insights about trends and opportunities within the creative industry. He has written and lectured about design and business for numerous publications and organizations, bringing his message of encouragement and strategy to creative professionals around the world. Ted’s impact: Thousands of creative professionals around the world are now taking the reins of their career trajectories in a highly competitive industry.


Q1: Does the size of the company you work for impacts creativity? #MarketingNW
Q2: What makes being creative difficult in a corporate environment? #MarketingNW
Q3: How do you manage hierarchy in a creative position? #MarketingNW
Q4: How does you show you’re a business stakeholder not just a service provider? #MarketingNW
Q5: How do you nurture creativity in a traditionally corporate environment? #MarketingNW
Q6: How can creatives best work with a mentor? #MarketingNW

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Ted Leonhardt: Small Group Coaching