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Top 5 Takeaways From HeroConf 2016

There was lots of great content this year’s HeroConf 2016, a PPC-centric conference hosted on our opposite coast out in Philadelphia, PA. It was also a blast to be a presenter myself this year, talking about Advanced International PPC and Advanced Competitor Intelligence. Didn’t get a chance to attend my sessions? Download my presentation slides & blog recaps!

Did I eat a delicious Philly cheesesteak while visiting? Of course! Did I also hear from smart, innovative speakers about new strategic ways to approach PPC? Absolutely!

Below, in the medium of tweets, are my top 5 best takeaways from HeroConf 2016!

HeroConf Session Recap: Advanced Competitor Intelligence

The below is a recap of “Let’s Get Visual, Visual! Turning Auction Insights into Actionable Data”, a HeroConf 2016 session presented by Point It’s Director of Paid Search, Maddie Cary.

Competitor PPC analysis doesn’t have to be just staring blankly at rows & rows of Excel data or trying to decipher Google’s Auction Insight tables. Instead, you can use straight-forward charts & graphs translate raw auction data to visual trends that help you derive actionable insights for your paid search campaigns.

What Does The Data Say? Follow Up Blog

Do you remember where you were when Google announced that the sidebar ads were going away?

It sounds funny, but that’s what it felt like when the announcement came out that fateful Friday, February 19th. I remember getting to work on Monday and feeling like there were at least 20 blogs from industry experts, giving their takes on what the impacts would ultimately be to their clients. They were discussing questions like:

  • What impact will this have to my CPCs and spend?
  • Will my Impression Share tank?
  • How does this change the value of certain ad positions in the auction?
  • What is Google going to do with all that space on the right rail?